Frequently Asked Questions

How does it help my job as an Organiser?

Coconnex is designed to make key event processes more efficient, more effective and to reduce effort for organisers giving you more time and reducing your costs.

I already have a website, can I use Coconnex ?

Coconnex modules can easily be incorporated into existing websites adding powerful new features quickly and easily.

I am worried about security of our data?

We utilise the latest security features and our hosting is in fully managed at professional server sites. For additional security we can also host the services and data on your hardware if you prefer.

We are a small company that only organizes only a few events – is it suitable for us?

As our services are fully supported, hosted and modular they are ideal for smaller event organisers who want a fast simple and very cost effective solution.

We don’t have any internal IT resources or hardware?

That’s fine, the Coconnex solution is Cloud based and therefore you do not require any hardware, software or any technical resources to use our services as we provide full hosting and support.

We don’t have a large technology development budget?

Our pricing model is modular and subscription based making it very cost effective and eliminating large development costs and associated issues.

How quickly can you get services up and running – my event is very soon?

Coconnex services are very fast to implement. We can have installations live in as little as 5 days depending on the complexity of the requirement.

Our events are all about meeting people in person – why should we use online technology?

Coconnex doesn’t replace meeting people in person – is actually assists and accelerates business relationships. Our modules allow participants to plan who to meet, book meetings and get more from your event.