From Purpose to Impact: Chandresh Pala, the Soul Leader

In an inspiring installment of the Soul Leader interview series with Rasheed Ogunlaru, Chandresh Pala, Founder and Chairman of Cohezia and Coconnex, delves into his journey of founding a purpose-driven business and its potential to create transformative impacts. During this candid conversation with renowned Life Coach and Speaker, Rasheed Ogunlaru, Chandresh shares insights from his entrepreneurial journey, emphasizing the importance of both exponential growth and meaningful societal impacts that touch lives in positive ways. Leading by example, he fosters a culture rooted in vision, values, trust, and purpose, inspiring others to embark on their own magical transformations.

Rasheed Ogunlaru, a staunch advocate of heart-centered leadership, asserts that true transformational leadership can hardly be achieved solely through the mind; it necessitates a heartfelt approach. Chandresh exemplifies this philosophy, being a resilient and passionate leader driven by a robust value system, having cultivated a business that genuinely cares for its impact on the world.


Soul Leader Interview with Chandresh Pala