Money 20/20

Money 20/20 is the world's leading platform that caters to the fintech and financial market, featuring over 1000 exhibitors, 2,300 C-level executives, 500 renowned speakers, and thousands of disruptors from 88 countries. The acquisition of Money 20/20 by Ascential presented a challenge to support new markets and integrate different business processes.

One of the key requirements was to provide a live floor plan on the Money 20/20 website from the very first day, accessible to both visitors and exhibitors. This live floor plan would empower the sales team by showcasing real-time space availability, and streamlining the booking process.

Coconnex in Action:

To address the challenge, we needed to connect to a new business architecture for SalesForce to accommodate the Money 20/20 ‘s business process. We had to migrate from Ascential’ s SalesForce architecture to Money 20/20’s SalesForce architecture which was very different. Money 20/20 does not sell their exhibition space as a standard shell and space only scheme but sells them as packages. The way the sales users interact with the floor planning system is very different from how sales users in the UK market interact. This also meant that the number of users accessing the floor plan would be substantially higher than the normal sales team.

We had an extremely flexible approach to resolving the challenge and were well-equipped to turn it around quickly with a very modular platform. We always had a presentable clutter-free visitor-facing interactive floor plan view, which we integrated with the Money 20/20 website. The visitor-facing floor plan was seamlessly controlled through the view management feature on the sales floor plan module. Connecting the sales and visitor floor plans, meant that all CRM updates were dynamically pushed to the visitor floor plans. This meant that the CAD and Operations team could manage floor plans with different views and on the other side the sales users could use the published floorplan to talk through options with potential clients. An integrated approach facilitated efficient communication and decision making resulting in delivering a successful solution for Money 20/20's unique requirements. Coconnex is the preferred event tech partner for their US, Europe, and Asia shows.


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