Coconnex launches in India

Branded Engagement Technology Coconnex is now set to expand its sales and marketing activities in the Indian market. The Coconnex launch in Indian market is part of its growth strategy.

The UK based Software as a Service (SaaS) provider has been providing its services to several prestigious events in Europe for the past several years now. With the exponential growth in the Indian event industry, the company is now aiming to tap the potential in the Indian market.

The Coconnex product and marketing director Siddharth Deshmukh is confident of getting huge response from the Indian market as he said, “Coconnex brings to India its unique concept of branded, walled, exclusive networking. With Coconnex, you engage your stakeholders in such a way that builds your own brand, rather than say Facebook's or LinkedIn's. Your attendees will appreciate your investment in Coconnex much more since they get much more ROI from your event!"

The Coconnex team will serve its local clients from its Pune based India office.