Case Study

Global Financial Conferences (GFC)

Company / Event Profile

GFC delivers the best financing and investment events in the world, including the renowned Bonds & Loans series, META Projects and the Mining and Investment Latin America Summit.

Launched in 2009 by CEO Alex Johnson, their vision is to create a series of must attend events that provide genuine value to participants, both with regards to learning and networking.

In just 4 years, the business has expanded from 700 attendees across 3 events in the Gulf region, to 5000 attendees across 13 events in 4 continents, covering Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and the Andes. A seven-fold increase and with many now completely selling out weeks before the event.


Coconnex in Action

GFC were looking to find ways to build increased engagement with their clients leading to improved loyalty and increased attendance at their events. GCF also wanted to build their brand profile in the target markets.

GFC used the Coconnex Connect 365 to create online communities for two of their renowned events, Bonds & Loans series and the Mining and Investment Latin America Summit.

As networking was a key element for the community throughout the year, GFC used Coconnex’s Connect 365 to get more value from their members database and create more loyalty by establishing an engaged community. Connect 365 allows members to start discussions, send messages, set up meetings and organise their schedule in advance of the events.

GFC can create polls related to the subject matter; members can easily curate and manage market research content and can also view and register for multiple events using Connect 365. The application works across all digital platforms and provides detailed analytics to help understand customer behavior and ensure that GFC creates events and content that are highly relevant to their community.